It’s Proven! Kindness is actually good for your heart….

We all know that acts of kindness towards others can make us feel good. A sort of warm glow that spreads out from our heart throughout the body when we show or receive kindness from others. But now research has shown that kindness has measurable positive effects on the heart – in fact, kindness actually protects our heart!

The wonderful book ‘The 5 side-effects of Kindness’ by Dr David Hamilton, explains to us how acts of kindness produce a hormone called oxytocin in the body. Oxytocin has a number of positive effects in the body, namely lowering blood pressure, reducing free radicals (which cause cell damage) and reducing inflammation. All of these work towards protecting our hearts from damage, and oxytocin is known as a ‘cardio-protective’ hormone.

We all know that regular exercise and a healthy diet can help look after our hearts, but now we can add kindness to that list as well! This is not only about being kind to others, but being kind to yourself is equally important too. You don’t have to do a huge gesture in order to be kind – the small acts of kindness are just as important, and just as beneficial to your heart.

Love, Hannah x