I have been working in a health and wellbeing environment since 2013. Before that time my career was as a serving Police Officer for just over fourteen years from 1998. While these roles are, on the surface, very different, they actually have many similarities and overlapping responsibilities.

During my time as a police officer I became trained in dealing with victims of domestic violence, as well as being specially selected to interview and support vulnerable witnesses and child victims of crime. Being able to listen, ask questions, and show empathy and understanding in very traumatic situations were fundamental skills for me to master during my career. I met so many different people, all with a colourful array of backgrounds and life experience, and who were so often struggling through some of the worst periods of their life - addiction, abuse, unemployment, divorce, ill health, financial problems and loss.

I value my time and personal development in the police force immensely - it taught me how to be tough yet kind, practical yet sensitive, and to have a sense of humour in the darkest of moments! Most importantly, what I witnessed and experienced as a police officer left me with the knowledge of a simple Universal truth; every single one of us desires - and can benefit from - the energy of human connection….talking, sharing, kindness and support.

My life then took an unexpected path when, at the age of 34, I found a lump in my breast, and within a matter of weeks was told I had breast cancer. Suddenly, the coin had flipped over, and I was the one going through the worst period of my life, and someone else was doing the listening, hand-holding and tear-mopping. I went through surgery and then months of chemotherapy, before returning to work some months later. Unfortunately, within a short period of returning to work, I had found a second lump in my breast, and I was to learn that the breast cancer had returned - only this time more aggressive and difficult to treat.

Overwhelmed and frozen with fear, the only thing I was good for was crying endless tears for many weeks. I felt completely powerless, and heavily burdened with the responsibility of my own life. I had no idea how to find any light at the end of any tunnel. However, I had been seeing an energy healer through this time, and she was starting to help me hugely on an emotional and mental level, so I could begin to feel more balanced, positive and accepting of my situation. She helped me realise that I now had a choice about how I dealt with this situation and my life from that moment onwards; I could either remain a victim of my circumstances, or I could grab my life with both hands and make it the best opportunity I had ever been given.

From that moment on I began rebuilding my life - bit by bit. I changed my job, leaving the police force and training in Reconnective Healing. I began to learn about myself; what needed healing, changing, exploring and understanding. I sought out people, books, retreats and courses that inspired me and empowered me to create the life I truly desired. I understood the incredible importance of self care, managing stress levels and listening to my emotions.

Over the months and then years, I realised more and more that my skills from being a police officer, plus my own experiences with turning my life around after breast cancer, were an amazing platform for helping other people change their lives too. I therefore decided to train as a Wellbeing and Life Coach to further these skills and, subsequently, Reconnect Your Life was born….offering bespoke coaching and healing sessions that help others to find their way, realise their own brilliance and reconnect their life once more.

Hannah x

“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

J.K. Rowling