It’s Proven! Kindness is actually good for your heart….

We all know that acts of kindness towards others can make us feel good. A sort of warm glow that spreads out from our heart throughout the body when we show or receive kindness from others. But now research has shown that kindness has measurable positive effects on the heart – in fact, kindness actually
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Learning to Listen

Most people would like to consider themselves ‘a good listener’ and by this, they would generally mean that they are good at listening to other people when they need someone to talk to. However, many people don’t realise that it’s just as important (if not more important) to be a good listener to yourself. One
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Choice, Responsibility and Kindness

These 3 words are ones that I use most with my coaching and healing clients, because when they are used together, they can bring about the most profound changes in our lives. The first – CHOICE – is one that so many people tell me they DON’T have. The most common phrases I hear are…
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