Reconnective Healing

So what is Reconnective Healing ?

Reconnective Healing is a safe and non-invasive form of energy healing that allows you to return to an optimal state of balance and well-being. It completely transcends traditional energy healing techniques, as it allows us to let go of the concept of technique itself. It is neither a therapy nor a treatment, as it does not focus on symptoms. It is something much, much more. In Reconnective Healing we neither diagnose nor treat – we simply interact with the Reconnective Healing frequencies, bringing about healings that are often instantaneous and tend to be long lasting.

Reconnective Healing can work on many different levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – reconnecting you to the person you truly are, and allowing you to access your infinite potential. During a session, the practitioner is not ‘the healer.’ They simply act as a facilitator or catalyst whilst receiving the Reconnective Healing frequencies consisting of energy, light and information. Equally, the practitioner cannot determine what the client will receive. We are working with Universal Intelligence, and when we recognise that healing means reconnecting with the perfection of the Universe, we understand that the Universe knows exactly what we need at any given moment.

What I truly love about Reconnective Healing is its simplicity, and I am in awe at the endless ways in which it can help others. I have come to trust in the fact that if we move our logical ‘ego’ selves out of the way, our healing potential is far greater and quicker than we could ever imagine.

Every Reconnective Healing session is individual for each person. And I truly feel that the best experience you will have of Reconnective Healing is when you don’t try to describe it or analyse it…..Simply come along and try it; and then receive, observe and enjoy whatever may unfold for you.

If you would like to read more about the many ways in which Reconnective Healing can help people, please have a look at the testimonials page.

** Disclaimer** – Reconnective Healing does not look to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any particular illness or injury. You remain, at all times, wholly responsible for your own health.

“ The sky isn’t the limit.The mind that sees the sky is the limit.”

Byron Katie