Coaching and Healing – Cancer

During the last two years, I have lost my amazing 24 year old brother to cancer within 8 weeks. I was diagnosed with a large inoperable tumour due to a wonky cancer gene. My father passed away within 6 weeks of being diagnosed with cancer. My 16 year old daughter was diagnosed with a 5cm
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Coaching and Healing – Cancer

I’ve been seeing Hannah as my Reconnective energy healer for a year and a half now. I first saw her six months after my diagnosis with secondary cancer. I only wish that I’d met her sooner, as I know that she would have really helped me in those early days. Hannah has understood me from
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Rosemary A

Coaching and Healing – Cancer

I met Hannah shortly after being diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer in 2016 through a mutual friend. I quickly discovered that we had a great deal in common, particularly identifying that emotional stress and trauma had probably been a significant contributing factor for our encounter with Cancer. I found that working with Hannah during
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Jackie C

Coaching and Healing – life issues and motivation

I love Re-connective Healing and my coaching sessions with Hannah, and totally believe that it has helped me piece together the puzzle of my life. When I first started seeing Hannah – it was a one-off session which really resonated with me, helping me to see the bigger picture more clearly. Hannah is a beautifully
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Jess, West Midlands

Coaching and Healing – life issues and low mood

My sessions with Hannah helped me deal with low mood, I felt as though life wasn’t where it should be and I was at a standstill. Hannah helped me to accept life as it is and not how we think it should be, as a result of this I now have inner happiness and look
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Coaching and Healing – emotional health/low self esteem/life issues

I was going through a bit of an emotional rollercoaster crisis in early February and my cousin, who had previously worked with Hannah, suggested I go and visit her. I had never heard of Reconnective Healing and to be honest, whilst open minded, was a little sceptical. However, Hannah has a very calm, friendly way
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Joanne B

Coaching and Healing – stress/anxiety/lung disease

I experienced my first session of Reconnective Healing and coaching with Hannah earlier this year. I was suffering with anxiety from stress at work and had developed ill health on top and someone told me about Hannah and the marvellous work she did helping and healing people. I practice hypnotherapy and NLP but seemed unable
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Julie B

Coaching and healing – anxiety and overwhelm

I didn’t know much about this before – and I’m still not sure that I understand it now. But however it works it really does work. Hannah has this amazing ability, along with her calmness and empathy, which makes this a fantastic treatment. I would 100 percent recommend to anyone.

Cheryl, Warwickshire

Coaching and healing – life issues

How can I explain how transformative this treatment is?! If you’re feeling ‘stuck’ in life, and in a bit of a rut, Reconnective Healing opens up other doors that you never knew were there, and shifts you into a whole other gear. And I only had 3 treatments over a couple of weeks, and my
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L Davis

Coaching and healing – low self-esteem/lacking motivation

Hannah helped me last year to understand the reasons behind my low self-esteem going back to my childhood, and through Reconnective Healing to find my own positive energy, reclaim it and change my story. The sessions I had with Hannah gave me the confidence and self-belief to pursue my new consultancy business and stop making
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Linda, Kenilworth

Coaching and healing – thyroid imbalance and emotional support

Hannah’s genuine care and guidance is simply fabulous. There is a deep reassurance to her support and healing techniques which not only work incredibly quickly for me, but also which last. A truly gifted and caring soul I’m blessed to have met.

Helen D

Coaching and healing

Thank you so much Hannah Bailey for a lovely treatment, great guidance and spiritual support too. I left feeling a lot less burdened and lighter. Thank you

Rebecca, West Midlands

Coaching and healing – children/ problems with siblings

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Hannah for helping my little girl. She has always been a very happy, energetic and confident toddler until a little earlier this year. She started nursery, had a baby brother on the way and also has an older brother with special needs so it
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Aimee - for Bella (2yrs old)

Coaching and healing – migraines

I’ve been suffering with migraines and headaches for years and have tried many conventional medical routes to no avail. I decided to see Hannah to try an alternative solution and her treatment has had a hugely positive impact on my life. My changes to diet and perspective and approach have been transformed. I feel healthier
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Jenny Ingram, Warwickshire

Coaching and Healing – Depression

I have suffered from depression for several years and tried a range of conventional and alternative therapies to help alleviate the symptoms. Hannah introduced me to Reconnective Healing about a year ago and the effects have been amazing. Following my course of treatment I feel like years of mental struggle have been lifted from me
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Natalie H