Distance healing – children/ food intolerance and bowel issues

“My daughter, Cassie (9yrs old) had been suffering with food intolerance and troublesome bowel issues on and off for years. At the time of Hannah treating her she was in a particularly rough patch – struggling to go to the toilet, very constipated and having a fissure that bled when she tried to go. It
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Jo and Cassie (9yrs)

Distance Healing – children/behaviour and sleeping

“I contacted Hannah to see if she might help my 10 year old daughter who had been having problems for a few months with mood, behaviour and sleeping. She had become withdrawn, down and worrying – as if she had the weight of the world on her shoulders. She also had insomnia, where she would
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Joanne, Mum of Erica

Distance healing and telephone coaching – children/ behaviour and sleeping

I asked Hannah to do some distance healing on my 5 year old daughter. My daughter was unsettled and highly strung and had difficulty getting to sleep at night. She was constantly arguing with her younger sister. Hannah did 3 distance healing sessions, and they have helped immensely. My daughter got progressively calmer, sleeps better,
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Sarah, mum of two young girls