Healing – knee/hip pain

“For a few years I’ve experienced various problems with my knee, recently I also began to experience pain in my hip. I came to see Hannah for Reconnective Healing, I was sceptical that this could heal physical pain, however after one session the pain in my hip had completely gone and the pain in my
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Healing – IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Hannah has transformed my life! Not only have my physical symptoms gone, meaning I no longer have to take daily medication but most importantly I have the confidence to work and socialise without the fear of my IBS causing me pain or embarrassing me. Prior to seeing Hannah, I had a five year history of
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Holly T

Healing – balance and restore

“Thank you Hannah for an amazing treatment – came out feeling really lifted and energised and a lot more positive with a total sense of calm. Every person I have referred to you cannot speak highly enough of your treatments!”

Sally H

Healing – Arthritis

“After your Reconnective Healing sessions I had an immediate response with the arthritis in my knees and elbow. The pain I suffered has greatly subsided – in my knees walking up and down the stairs, standing up from sitting and in my general day-to-day movements. I also felt that in general my overall awareness or
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Katie J, Teacher

Healing – IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

“I went to see Hannah because I had been suffering severe IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for about 12 years. I didn’t really know what Reconnective Healing could do, but a friend had recommended it, and I was desperate to try anything that might help. I would go to the toilet with loose bowels up to
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Jan G

Healing – arm injury

“Hi Han! Just wanted to say thanks for helping me with my ‘crooked’ arm! For some reason, my arm hasn’t been able to straighten out for several months now. No idea why, and it’s been pretty painful. I’ve been to two chiropractors, and my arm has got a bit better, but not much. I saw
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Lucy B

Healing – menopause/severe pain

“I went to see Hannah for Reconnective Healing as I had been suffering for 18 months with menopausal symptoms such as hot sweats (both day and night) and terrible mood swings. I also had something labelled as ‘burning mouth syndrome’ – which is really a term doctors use when they have determined nothing else is
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Michelle, 46yrs

Healing – children/ anger issues

I took my daughter, Millie (10yrs old) to see Hannah as she had been struggling with anger problems that had been going on for a few months. She would very suddenly feel anger come over her, meaning she wanted to shout out and hit out at people – especially her younger brother. She knew it
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Mandy and Millie

Healing – back pain/leg pain/sleep/energy levels

“About 8 months before I first went to see Hannah, I had ruptured a disc in my spine. I initially went to see a chiropractor, which did help me alleviate the severe pain I was in. However, I was left with long term problems in my right leg and lower back. I had great difficulty
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Janet S

Healing – tennis elbow/sleep issues

“I went to see Hannah as I had a ‘tennis-elbow’ type injury in my arm. To be honest, I was a bit sceptical that Reconnective Healing would do anything, but I was open-minded and happy to give something a try as it affected me every day at work. After only one session the pain was
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E. Darlton

Healing – back pain/vertigo/spondylitis

“My daughter recommended that I went to see Hannah as I had been suffering from problems with my ears/vertigo/ sinusitis for about a year, and had had no relief from any conventional medicines. I also took daily painkillers due to long standing back pain, and I also suffered from spondylitis in my neck. I had
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Kath, Solihull

Healing – Sciatica

“I had suffered with severe sciatica for about 5 years, which particularly bothered me as I do a lot of sitting and driving for my job. I had two Reconnective Healing sessions with Hannah and the pain has completely gone. I have no idea how it works, but it does.”

Paul T.