Distance healing and telephone coaching – children/ behaviour and sleeping

I asked Hannah to do some distance healing on my 5 year old daughter. My daughter was unsettled and highly strung and had difficulty getting to sleep at night. She was constantly arguing with her younger sister.

Hannah did 3 distance healing sessions, and they have helped immensely. My daughter got progressively calmer, sleeps better, and seems happier and more balanced. Hannah is a very natural healer, with an obvious talent. She was very much in tune with my daughter and her feelings. She seemed to really understand our situation. She really helped, both through her healing, and also her suggestions during our chats after the healing sessions.

I have to admit that initially, I did not think that energy healing was ‘my thing’ but Hannah has really changed my mind about it. One of the reasons that I tried it is that it can be done without seeing Hannah in person, so it was very easy and convenient.

Sarah, mum of two young girls

Sarah, mum of two young girls