Coaching and Healing – Cancer

I’ve been seeing Hannah as my Reconnective energy healer for a year and a half now. I first saw her six months after my diagnosis with secondary cancer. I only wish that I’d met her sooner, as I know that she would have really helped me in those early days.
Hannah has understood me from the outset and at every healing session she has been able to clarify for me what’s been going on within myself. Things that maybe I should have known, but needed reminding of. She’s given me the confidence to trust my body and to look within myself for answers that have been there all along. She has the ability to see clear paths through muddy waters.
Each time I’ve seen her, no matter how burdened, fearful, confused or overwhelmed I’ve been at the outset, I’ve left feeling enlightened, clear and uplifted. I don’t know how I would have got through this difficult time without her.
In addition to planned visits, Hannah has been there for me in times of emergency, to offer distance healing. On one occasion, when I was in hospital with neutropenic sepsis, my condition was deteriorating despite all that conventional medicine could offer and I was fearful that I wouldn’t make it. Hannah gave me distance healing, leaving me feeling peaceful and that night I turned a corner. Only a few days later I had recovered enough to be discharged.
Only this weekend, when I was struggling with pain and had become fearful of the cause, Hannah gave me distance healing, which left me calmer and more equipped to face an appointment where diagnostic results found there was nothing to fear anyway.
In short, Hannah and her healing methods have been a lifeline that I don’t think I could have managed without. I would recommend anyone with a cancer or other chronic disease diagnosis to consult her. She is an inspiration!

Rosemary A