Coaching and Healing – Cancer

During the last two years, I have lost my amazing 24 year old brother to cancer within 8 weeks. I was diagnosed with a large inoperable tumour due to a wonky cancer gene. My father passed away within 6 weeks of being diagnosed with cancer. My 16 year old daughter was diagnosed with a 5cm tumour and had a successful operation to remove part of her kidney – and has recently received the great news that she is clear of cancer!

Without going into the details, I’m sure you can imagine how difficult it has been to deal with all this – emotionally and physically – over a short space of time with many overlaps.

Fortunately for me, I was introduced to Hannah about two years ago and I really don’t know what to say about her. Quite simply, Hannah is one of the most caring, inspiring and incredible human beings I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I really wouldn’t be where I am today without her and I honestly cannot thank or recommend her highly enough. She also has an unbelievable story of her own which will only help inspire others. Hannah is a real-life guardian angel and deserves a medal for who she is and the great work she does!

Throughout our most difficult times and to this day, Hannah has managed to help me and my family through it emotionally, physically and spiritually. Her total support, understanding and practical advice helped give me the strength I needed to keep standing up everyday.

A few months after I was diagnosed, I went to have a huge, high risk, de-bulking operation to remove a kidney, transplant my inferior vena cava and remove 60% of my liver among other things –however, when I awoke from the operation, the surgeon told me that they were very sorry but the operation was unsuccessful. It was too much of a risk to remove the tumour. At the time I thought that was the end for me.

With lots of staples up the middle of my stomach, I remember lying on a hospital bed thinking there was very little hope left for me now the operation wasn’t a success. Then, out of the blue, I received a perfectly timed message from Hannah (via my wife’s phone) that changed my life! It reminded me that I still had plenty of options that I could look at – both in the UK and abroad – and that perhaps this had been the right result for me after all. She explained that the surgeon could have risked it all and I could have died on the table. So maybe I could have faith that this was the right path for me.

Hannah gave me genuine hope at that lowest point in my life which made my fear disappear and I started to see a bright and positive future again with my wife, children, family and friends. She has always been there to guide me through everything from chemotherapy and scan results to improved nutrition and raising my vibration. My last five, quarterly, scan results show that it remains static. I’m fit and strong both physically and mentally – which is great!

Even after everything I’ve been through with my family, Hannah has guided me through it all and I am looking forward to the future. I focus on NOW because that’s all there is. Not everyday is always great but there is something great in every day if you embrace it.

Every single time I see Hannah, even during the worst times, she has always helped me raise my vibration and I always leave feeling much better – with some practical things to focus on too.

I’m happily living my life with cancer and there is so much positive stuff going on that I’m very grateful for. Hannah has played a huge part in giving me the wings to fly!

Good Luck!