Coaching and healing – children/ problems with siblings

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Hannah for helping my little girl. She has always been a very happy, energetic and confident toddler until a little earlier this year. She started nursery, had a baby brother on the way and also has an older brother with special needs so it has been a hectic time with great change for us all. It all became too much for her to deal with and she was very emotional and felt very sad a lot of the time. It was really heart-breaking to see her this way and nothing we tried helped her. Hannah gave her two sessions of Reconnective Healing, and also talked through the issues with me to help give a different perspective.

Although my initial feeling was that she was struggling with all the changes and a new baby arriving, it became clear through Hannah’s healing and coaching that although this played a part, she was actually struggling because she was confused about her place in the family and how she fitted in with her older brother. She is quite advanced for a two year old, whereas her brother is delayed in all areas and we haven’t been able to explain to her about his disability as she is so young. Two days after the initial distance healing session, the children were eating lunch; I turned and saw her helping him eat his yoghurt. When I asked her why she was doing it she said “It’s OK mummy, he just needs a little more help than me, that’s all”. A heart-breaking and very proud moment. From this point on she not only quickly potty trained, but also returned to the happy and confident little girl she always had been.

Aimee - for Bella (2yrs old)