Coaching and Healing – emotional health/low self esteem/life issues

I was going through a bit of an emotional rollercoaster crisis in early February and my cousin, who had previously worked with Hannah, suggested I go and visit her. I had never heard of Reconnective Healing and to be honest, whilst open minded, was a little sceptical.

However, Hannah has a very calm, friendly way and spent time talking to me, which made me feel at ease. After a good chat and explanation of how Reconnective Healing can help I was then asked to lie on the bed and close my eyes. I have no idea what Hannah was doing but I felt comfortable at all times.

I went to see Hannah for 2 further sessions and cannot tell you how different I feel now. It is all about changing how you think and feel, and to trust your gut instinct and what your heart is telling you rather than your head or ego. I found it very interesting and I cannot say how much better I feel.

I have struggled with self-worth and low self-esteem all my life, feeling I am second best and not good enough – but now I don’t “think” I am nice, generous person, I “know” I am and have a lot to offer and my confidence shows. My friends and family have noticed how different I am in the way I hold myself and how positive and happy I am with life. It is about understanding you cannot control what anyone else does, and even if the worst does happen it’s the belief of knowing you will be okay.

I also know I cannot blame others for making me feel second best, and rather than concentrate on what I think they did to make me feel second best, I now think about what they have done to make me feel worthy – if that makes sense. My energy levels are fizzing and I feel confident and excited about the everyday and the future. I would have loved to have seen Hannah some more, but as she said, she is doing her job when people don’t need to come back and see her.

All I would say is contact Hannah and chat to her and then give it a go.

Joanne B