Coaching and Healing – stress/anxiety/lung disease

I experienced my first session of Reconnective Healing and coaching with Hannah earlier this year. I was suffering with anxiety from stress at work and had developed ill health on top and someone told me about Hannah and the marvellous work she did helping and healing people. I practice hypnotherapy and NLP but seemed unable to help myself so although I knew nothing about Reconnective Healing, I took the step and rang Hannah who immediately made me feel at ease and explained all about the healing process, and there began my journey to recovery.

On my first session Hannah continued to make me feel very at ease and explained the process to me again fully before we started. I sat propped up on a bed and closed my eyes. I did not fall asleep. I could hear the birds singing and Hannah moving around me and thought that I knew where she was, but soon came to realize that it seemed she was everywhere in the room at once. I felt many energies around me, my stomach rumbled loudly and I saw a bright white light on my right and it felt so peaceful in the room – even though everything I was worrying about was rushing through my mind like a movie on fast forward – most weird. When the session ended I was feeling extreme relaxation and it took me a few minutes to return to my normal state as we sat talking about my experience.

When I got home I noticed that I was feeling calmer and more focused than I had been. I slept very well that night and awakened feeling unusually alert. I had a second session a week later and a third two weeks after that and the improvements in my health during and since then have been huge and I continue to heal. I have just seen my specialist who was very pleased with my progress and I told him all about Hannah and Reconnective Healing and he was very interested!

I would advise anyone who needs help to ring Hannah and give Reconnective Healing a go. I did and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made, and on top I got to meet Hannah who is a very special, kind and caring person!

Julie B