Distance healing – children/ food intolerance and bowel issues

“My daughter, Cassie (9yrs old) had been suffering with food intolerance and troublesome bowel issues on and off for years. At the time of Hannah treating her she was in a particularly rough patch – struggling to go to the toilet, very constipated and having a fissure that bled when she tried to go. It was all very painful and upsetting for her. Hannah did two Reconnective Healing sessions over 2 consecutive days – and over the next few days she began to feel so much better – less bloating, less tummy pain, and her bowel movements becoming easier to pass.

Now she is going to the toilet normally nearly every day, and the fissure has healed up so it no longer causes her pain or discomfort. She is a much happier little girl, thanks so much Hannah.”

Jo and Cassie (9yrs)