Healing – Arthritis

“After your Reconnective Healing sessions I had an immediate response with the arthritis in my knees and elbow. The pain I suffered has greatly subsided – in my knees walking up and down the stairs, standing up from sitting and in my general day-to-day movements.

I also felt that in general my overall awareness or ‘grasp’ on priorities and life was (and still is) balanced after the sessions. My immune system has responded well and I haven’t been poorly and have fought off infections that others around me are struggling with. This is great!

I have not really suffered with an arthritis flare up since the Reconnective Healing. I have very little pain too. I am still taking the other medication but not nearly as many pain killers as before.

I certainly would recommend Reconnective Healing to others. It has really helped me, thank you.”

Katie J, Teacher