Healing – back pain/leg pain/sleep/energy levels

“About 8 months before I first went to see Hannah, I had ruptured a disc in my spine. I initially went to see a chiropractor, which did help me alleviate the severe pain I was in. However, I was left with long term problems in my right leg and lower back. I had great difficulty sleeping, as sleeping on one side was far too painful, which would keep waking me up. My right leg was much weaker than the left, and it would ‘give way’ as I tried walking upstairs, and cause me to lose my balance. I also had poor energy levels, meaning I often needed to sleep in the afternoon, otherwise I struggled with everyday tasks.

I saw Hannah for three Reconnective Healing sessions. After the 1st session, it was like she had waved a magic wand! The pain was so much better in my back and side, meaning I could sleep properly for the first time in so long. My right leg felt stronger and my energy levels were increasing. By the third session I felt back to my old self. Good energy levels, sleeping well, and no more incidents of my right leg giving way underneath me – I could even climb the stairs again! I didn’t know what to expect when I first went to try Reconnective Healing, but I’m really glad that I did.”

Janet S