Healing – children/ anger issues

I took my daughter, Millie (10yrs old) to see Hannah as she had been struggling with anger problems that had been going on for a few months. She would very suddenly feel anger come over her, meaning she wanted to shout out and hit out at people – especially her younger brother. She knew it was wrong to do this, so she would retreat off on her own to try and deal with it or until it went away. It was upsetting her a lot to feel this way and was worried she might not be able to control it all of the time.

We didn’t know what to do, but someone suggested Hannah might help her. We took Millie for one session, and Hannah made her feel at ease and chatted to her to explain what would happen during the session. At first, nothing happened that was any different, but then, about 10 days later, Millie came downstairs and said, “It’s gone. My anger has gone. I know it has. Whatever Hannah did has taken it away.” And that was it! Millie was much happier and brighter after whatever burden that she had been carrying around had been taken away.”

Mandy and Millie