Healing – IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Hannah has transformed my life! Not only have my physical symptoms gone, meaning I no longer have to take daily medication but most importantly I have the confidence to work and socialise without the fear of my IBS causing me pain or embarrassing me.
Prior to seeing Hannah, I had a five year history of problematic IBS and heartburn symptoms. I had received treatment form various GP’s and specialists, and had succumb to the fact I would have to remain on 3-4 types of medication daily for the rest of my life. The medication I took helped with the abdominal pain and boating I felt daily, and assisted with bowel movements but it did not reduce the anxiety I felt due to me constantly needing to rush to the toilet.

I went to Hannah following a recommendation. Initially I was sceptical, how could Reconnective Healing help me when so many GP’s and specialist hadn’t? However, Hannah’s calm nature made me feel at ease, she explained the process of Reconnective Healing to me and allowed me to ask questions prior to starting the treatment.

After the first session I noticed changes quickly, I slept better than I have for years during the first week after treatment. During the first 24hours I felt a lot of abdominal movement but did not suffer with my usual diarrhoea. A week passed and other than feeling slightly bloated and occasionally having heartburn I did not suffer with any of my usual symptoms. I attended my second session with a state of disbelief. We discussed the changes and again Hannah completed a session of treatment. I then decided to attend for a third session 2 weeks later.

Since seeing Hannah the changes to my physical health have been amazing. I have not experienced any IBS symptoms since my 2nd session, which is a complete relief! I cannot explain the massive effect this has had on my social confidence and my ability to complete daily activities without constantly worrying about diet and toilet breaks. I have even started to eat new foods, which I haven’t been able to enjoy for years! Aside from these changes Hannah helped me with other areas of my life – reminding me that I also need to take some time to focus on myself and allow my body to relax, which is something I am more mindful of now.

At no point did I feel that Hannah was ‘just doing her job’ – she always appeared to have a genuine concern about my health and how life could be better for me, which made the treatment a lovely experience rather than giving a feeling that I was attending a medical appointment. I would certainly recommend Reconnective Healing with Hannah to other people who suffer with physical and/or mental illness. It really has changed my life. Thank you again for everything.”

Holly T