Healing – menopause/severe pain

“I went to see Hannah for Reconnective Healing as I had been suffering for 18 months with menopausal symptoms such as hot sweats (both day and night) and terrible mood swings. I also had something labelled as ‘burning mouth syndrome’ – which is really a term doctors use when they have determined nothing else is wrong with your mouth, but you are still left with awful pain, burning and numb sensations – usually just to one side of the mouth. I had disturbed sleep, took loads of painkillers, and sometimes found it difficult to even talk and eat – and the whole combination had left me run down, exhausted and stressed. I had been to my GP, an ENT consultant and a Neurologist to try and seek effective treatment but nothing had worked. The only drugs that I had taken that did stop the pain gave me such debilitating headaches that I had to come off them.

After my first session I actually felt awful for about 24 hours – however, suddenly I started to feel different and all of my symptoms started to reduce drastically – a reduction in the hot sweats, less mouth pain and better sleep. What had been a 90% problem in my life had now become a 10% problem. I had only taken one painkiller between that first session and my next session 10 days later. After the 2nd session I improved even further! No hot sweats, mouth pain, no extreme mood swings and no disturbed sleep – I couldn’t really believe it. After all of those months in pain, taking drugs and seeing endless doctors and it just took a couple of Reconnective Healing sessions to change it all around for me. Thank you, Hannah.”

Michelle, 46yrs